Bookends For Wine

The tiny, elegant, versatile wine rack that you can put anywhere.

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Elegant Wine Storage

A new generation of elegant wine storage and display.

Perfect for Tiny Kitchens
and Big Ones

Enhance any space with an elegant display of wine

Bring Your Cabinet to Order

Winebars® turn any cabinet into a beautiful display and flexible storage.

Take them with you!

Winebars® love to travel.

Fits in the fridge

Winebars® are made from solid aluminum, so they get nice and chilly in the fridge.

Stack your wine with style

Winebars® Come In Colors!

One set of Winebars® Jet Black


One set of Winebars® Romantic Red


One set of Winebars® Natural Silver

Custom & Bulk
Looking for custom engraving or bulk orders?
Winebars® Look Amazing Anywhere!
Forged from solid aluminum and milled to perfection, Winebars® are a simple, beautiful way to display one bottle, several, or a stack of your favorites.
Does your wine rack shift shapes? Ours does.
A wine rack that looks good no matter how many bottles
How High Can You Stack?
Send us your stacks! Express yourself with your most elegant wine displays.