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Reclaim Your Space with Winebars

  • Simple, Elegant, and Classy Addition to Any Decor

  • Impossible Grip, Even on Smooth Granite!

  • Designed & Ships from Boston, MA USA


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Winebars "has quickly become my favorite Wine accessory!"

Extremely sturdy, space saving and beautiful. [I] Love these for stacking my wine and bonus, doesn’t look bad as my stack of wine dwindles! 

[I] have in black and red. Will look to get some custom sets for gifts for sure! Also, [my] husband likes them to stack his seltzers and beer in our wine fridge!

Jennifer S. | Verified Buyer

Reviewed on January 3, 2023

Say Goodbye to Dusty, Empty Wine Racks

Whether you have 2 bottles or 12, Winebars fluidly adjust to 

your space.

Winebars fits in your hand

Superior Craftsmanship

Proudly designed and manufactured right in Boston, MA, you'll immediately appreciate our quality workmanship.

The Ideal Gift For Wine Lovers

Winebars is the perfect gift for weddings or anniversaries, or for any wine enthusiast.

Perfect For Your Fridge

Our most raving reviews are from customers who love how easily they can now stack wine in their fridge!

Securely Stack Bottles & Cans

Winebars are great in the refrigerator to stop your beer and soda cans from rolling around.

6 Gorgeous Colors

Options for every decor: Natural Silver, Romantic Red, Sparkling White, Tuscan Blue, Jet Black, and Champagne Gold.

Take Winebars With You

Your Winebars ship with a custom travel pouch, perfect for your 

weekend getaway!


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Stable & Secure

Use on any table or counter and in the fridge

Watch Our Guaranteed No-Slip Design In Action

We've stacked as many as 21 bottles, locked securely in place with a SINGLE Winebars set!


Gift Winebars + Free Shipping and


In Stock & Ships Fast!

"Winebars are so unique!"

I’ve never quite come across such a different way to display our wine. I love how we can just put them anywhere - either on our hutch in the dining room or right on the table or even 

into the fridge. 

Anyone that’s been to our place can’t help but remark about them. 

They’re practical enough to have many uses while also being sleek in design. A nice simple way to offer something unique to the home.

Dave V. | Verified Buyer

Reviewed on June 27, 2021

Simple, Elegant and Functional!

Amazing how these work! I THOUGHT they were bigger but they absolutely do the job without distraction. I got the red ones and they look Fantastic.. I'll be getting some for gifts!

Daniel |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on June 29, 2021
A perfect gift!

I'm using this set and giving these to many friends. They match any decorating style and are well-built with heavy aluminum and non-skid pads. They are practical and, most importantly, they signal celebration. Who doesn't want to be forever associated 

with celebration?

David R. |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on October 27, 2023

So happy with purchase

These stack my wine bottles perfectly and I love how portable and compact they are. Fits right in my purse. They’re gorgeous and sleek. These will be my new go to for holiday gifts.

Hilary |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on October 26, 2022

PERFECT for refrigerator

Wish I would have bought more!! I was uncertain how they would work, but the best thing for me is how it keeps my refrigerator organized without my wines bottles rolling all over the place! I like to keep a bottle of Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Rose, Pinot Gris all chilled and ready if someone stops over. These keep them in place and I could stack the extra bottles on top. Going to order more for sure!

Donna |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on June 26, 2021
Simple and easy to use!

These are nice because they’re small and I didn’t have to assemble anything unlike other wine racks. All you have to do is take it out of the box. It has rubber stoppers on the bottom so it won’t mess up your table or slide all over the place. So far we only put 3 bottles on it but when we get more I definitely want to see how many I can stack up. Overall I like the color and it seems like this will last for 

a long time.

Daniel |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on June 12, 2021
Great for Limited Space

Winebars are a great, portable wine rack for those who don't have room for a full-size wine rack or for keeping a few bottles in place in the refrigerator; especially if your door shelf is full of 2-Liter bottles of soda. Also great to showcase a few special bottles on the table or buffet. Simple, elegant 

and effective!

Scott's Wine Taste |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on July 12, 2021

Great solution to chill wine in the fridge.

I bought these so I could chill a stack of chardonnay ice wine in the fridge. It kept the bottles from rolling around and saved space. The bars stayed cold when I pulled them out and put the stack out when we had dinner/dessert. People commented on how cool they were! Great item. So glad I bought them.

Sue S. |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on July 4, 2021

Amazing for display

Works GREAT as a way to display a magnum bottle on its side to keep the cork from drying out.

Vivian J. |  Verified Buyer

High quality elegant styling

Heavy weight wine ends with high quality finish. The ends don’t slip when bottles are placed within them! Clean eco packaging 

to boot!

Willerup |  Verified Buyer

Reviewed on June 23, 2021

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Reclaim Your Space with Winebars

  • Simple, Elegant, and Classy Addition to Any Decor

  • Impossible Grip, Even on Smooth Granite!

  • Designed & Ships from Boston, MA USA

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